the IMPeCCABLE project

IMPacts of Cooking and Cleaning on indoor Air quality: towards healthy BuiLdings for the futurE

Welcome to the website for the EPSRC-funded IMPeCCABLE research project, being carried out jointly between the Universities of York, Chester and Nottingham. The aim of this project is the understand more fully the effect that common domestic activities, such as cooking and cleaning, have on the air quality we experience in our homes. To achieve this, we are a team of researchers across the different institutions with a wide range of experimental and computational expertise.

Did you know that people spend approximately 90% of their time in an indoor environment? Did you know that a large proportion of our exposure to pollutant chemicals occurs in indoor environments? The aim of the IMPeCCABLE project is to try to understand how the potentially harmful chemical effects of cooking and cleaning can be mitigated in our everyday lives.

Watch the videos below to see more about the IMPeCCABLE project!